"The writing is so spare, it’s like reading impeccably crafted haiku." — Oakland Magazine

Oakland Magazine

May 2006

Need an idea for what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Then pick up a copy of Mostly Bob, a delightful animal tale by Northern California writer Tom Corwin. The book’s a perfect little package, barely bigger than a snapshot. Each page is mostly white space, with no more than one sentence—one lovely little idea—per page. The writing is so spare, it’s like reading impeccably crafted haiku.

 With an amazing economy of words, you’re introduced to Bob—a dog who makes his own luck—you follow Bob, you fall in love with Bob, and then, sadly, you say goodbye. Poignant without being sappy, Bob will make even the gruffest father cry. And if the gift-giver is a child who can’t yet read, he can enjoy the fact that Mostly Bob is also a flipbook. Children and adults alike can follow Bob’s silhouette literally walk right out of the book. Mostly Bob is charming—one of those little books that you can’t put down; one that will have you thinking about it long after you’ve finished reading.

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