“A MUST HAVE...this will also make a beautiful gift” — Housepet Magazine

Mostly Bob

Courtesy of an evil co-bookseller, I was forced to open this book yesterday. Then I was forced to read it. Then cry.

As if John Grogan's Marley and Me wasn't bad enough in its heart-searing, gut-wrenching attack on your heart, mind, soul and any part of you that's ever even looked a dog fondly let alone be stolen away with affection and love for one. Tom Corwin's tiny little 5-minute-read is nearly as devastating emotionally without all the details.

When done right, simplicity is a powerful tool. In a matter of pages you meet Bob, fall in love with Bob, being to realize what is happening, then lose Bob. All while looking at a little silhouette in the corner of...who else?....Bob.

If this isn't worth purchasing to loan to every dog-lover you know, it is definitely worth a trip to the bookstore with a kleenex to honk your nose and wipe your eyes when you're done.

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