". . . a small work but large in what it has to say and the quality of its emotion." — Joanne Woodward

Bark Magazine July/August 2006

by Rachel Bonilla

WHEN A DOG CHOOSES A HUMAN, rather than vice versa, the bond can be extra special. This is the story of the way Bob, an untrusting, neglected Golden Retriever, turned his life around by crossing a property line. Bob heroically left a life of fear and neglect and found his way into the heart of animal lover and music producer Tom Corwin, with whom he enjoyed several years of happiness before his death. 

Starting out as a letter to Bob’s many friends, a tribute to his extraordinary life and heartbreaking departure, the small but powerful "Mostly Bob" is a touching work of simple elegance. As Bob literally wags his tail from the last pages of the book in flip-book fashion, he reminds us that we all, human or canine, have the power to change.

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